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With virtual design, you can work with an interior designer from afar while still receiving personalized designs and recommendations. Virtual design can be anything from a basic consultation to a full project, but it usually covers aspects of a design that are more broad or generalized. The client can send measurements and pictures or even do a video walkthrough of the space intended for the design to the interior designer, who can start the design process right away. Correspondence can be carried out through email, phone calls, and often video chats to keep the project personal. Many virtual design projects will go from start to finish without the designer ever having to physically be there, handling all installations, deliveries, and other inspections through contracted workers. 

When Should I Use Virtual Design?

  • If you are looking for simple, more general design tips and directions with your project
  • If you live in a more rural area, where it is more difficult to find experienced quality designers to choose from (think supply and demand)
  • If your schedule is tight with work or family, making it hard to make time for an in-person meeting with your designer

Virtual Design vs. Traditional Design

Understandably, you will usually get the most bang for your buck working in-person with your interior designer. When your designer is physically present, they can notice more details and usually capture a better understanding of your vision for the project. Virtual design can be a very helpful tool, but it does have limitations. Choosing virtual design can be a great way to accommodate unique situations at home or on the job site, or provide you with access to a designer whose style you love, but who might just live too far away. It can also help if you’re looking for some quick tips, a professional consultation, or a basic update to a space. Virtual design can be quick and flexible, and while you can’t do an exact trade for in-person design, it can help speed your project along at a great price!

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