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Experts say that the most important part of your day is your sleep! A good night’s rest can mean the difference between a healthy, active day and an unproductive one. For this reason, it’s very important to set up your bedroom in just the way you like it, so you can optimize your sleep and wake up confident in your own living space. Some might wonder why you should make your bed when you’re just going to mess it up the next night. Your mother will have the best answer for that question!

A finished bed helps the bedroom feel complete, clean, and put together. It gives the room a sense of peace and comfort when your space is tidy and the bed is made. Would you go to work with a dirty shirt or half the shirt on and no shoes? Of course not! How we present ourselves is also reflected in how we feel at home. Choosing the right materials and matching the right style are crucial to setting up your bed. So let’s talk about how to set up a bedspread fit just to your liking!



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There are so many different styles and types of mattresses, and it’s important to find the one that’s right for you. As a general rule, if you sleep light with leg or joint pain you might prefer a softer mattress, while deep sleepers or those with back pain might have a better night on a firmer bed. Consult local mattress suppliers for your best fit.



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There are lots of different materials for sheets, and depending on where you live and how you sleep naturally, you might want to pay close attention to which material best suits you.

  • Linen: lightweight, breathable fabric that is great for people who sleep hot or in humid climates
  • Silk: soft and temperature regulating material, but it stains easily and generally requires lots of care
  • Cotton: usually is a bit warm, but there are so many variations (Pima cotton, organic cotton, Egyptian cotton, etc.) that comfort and preference can vary greatly
  • Flannel: a combination of cotton and wool that traps heat very well and is great when the weather is really cold

Bed skirts are a common accessory that accompany sheets. Be sure to find a bed skirt that matches the color and design of your bedsheets and is an appropriate height for the bedframe and mattress.



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Blankets are obviously an integral part of how well you sleep, but they also play a large role in how the bed is presented! A blanket brings important decoration and for people in fluctuating climates, it is common to have both a lightweight blanket and a heavy, thicker one on the bed year round.

  • Lightweight blankets are often made from linen, silk, or cotton blends and are thin and breathable
  • Heavier blankets include duvet covers, matlasses, comforters, and large quilted blankets, usually with ornamental designs and patterns. These are made from down, thick cotton, or thick flannel weaves
  • Linen-blends are a great choice for any type of bedding and are somewhere in the middle between a light and a heavy blanket. The linen is usually blended with more sustainable materials such as lyocell or tycel, which are sourced from wood cellulose and are considered some of the most sustainably sourced textiles in the world! A quality linen-blend blanket will be temperature regulating, comfortable and soft, long-lasting, and low maintenance.
  • Throw blankets are smaller blankets which are folded up and stored at the foot of the bed. These are great for the end of the bed when you’re not quite ready to climb inside the sheets!



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If a bed were a gourmet meal, throw pillows would be the garnish on top – there to make the food look nice, but meant to be removed before consumption. Keep at least two pillows for sleeping, based on your preferred style (soft or firm, memory foam or down, etc.), then add throw pillows that match either the comforter or bed quilt! Make sure you have a space out of the way to store the more decorative pillows when preparing for bed so you don’t trample them or trip over them during the night.



In the end, your bed is going to be as great as you make it! Because there are so many different materials and styles out there, the sky’s the limit with making your bed a perfect fit for you. Find out what fits you best, and keep in mind the impact your textiles are leaving on the world. OEKO-TEX is an international organization dedicated to steering the textile world towards sustainable and eco-friendly production. Look for the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification labels to find top-of-the-line products that will last longer and leave less of an environmental impact. Above all, find the products that best suit you! Setting up your perfect bed will ensure a more comfortable living space, and a better night’s sleep, helping you to start each day fresh, excited, and more productive.

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